My name is Steve Spilak, I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified for Boot Camp level 2 through Can-Fit-Pro and have an updated CPR. I have 10 years experience in Personal Training and Boot camps. I have great dedication, discipline and passion and value of weight loss but more importantly to leading a healthy lifestyle. I have been a Member at the Pumphouse for over 12 years now and within those years in 2007 I was introduced to the sport Power lifting. I competed for 4 years and I achieved several personal bests which have lead me to the Provincials and more importantly Canadians. My greatest accomplishment was making two Ontario Bench Press records, both in the same meet. This experience has allowed myself to gain knowledge of diverse styles of training and work out programs. The satisfaction and achievement I have experienced over those years of training and competing I have become extremely passionate about helping others strive to make there goals. I am very confident that with a little support and coaching, anyone can realize their potential!...... Lets make this thought of yours a reality.

Remember...It Ain't over YET!!

The idea and the meaning of IT AIN'T OVER YET...

I wanted a slogan that is to the point. The kind of drive and

attitude to strive for self improvement, what training is all about.

Is who I am and what I'm about. Does not matter how strong or

fit you are, its about pushing your self to the next level.

Making personal gains. Striving to be a better you.

Because where ever your at ...... IT AIN'T OVER YET!!

Certified - Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer

Certified - Boot Camp Instructor Level 2

Certified CPR



    HOURLY RATE :   $45.50   H.S.T included


Pre-Pay   :up front in advance 3 Training sessions minimum 

                         - Assessment done on first Training session

Personal Program: $35.00

Personal Program: $35.00 + 1 session ($35) : $70

 I provide a program based for what results YOU are looking for.

A program maybe for one of the following...

- Cardio training

- Strength training

- Power lifting

- Cross training

- Agility

- Program Adjustments / Custom Program

- Weight loss

- Sport training






 Class 1  @6:00pm - 7:00pm

      Class 2 @7:00pm - 8:00pm      

Saturday - (occasional ) mornings 

            - Please inquire            

Boot camp Class 1 session: $10.00 / hr

payment options : cash, E-Transfers, check,

$40 - X4 classes     $80 - X8 classes 

Boot camp varies from inside to out side of garage. Depending on weather and time of season.


In door Boot camp classes may be limited spots available to a first come first serve basis.

A one hour class can be based on :

45 second exercises or with an amount of exercises with reps for a time limit 

With multiple stations set up

We use straps (similar to the T-RX ) for body weight, resistance bands and cardio, whether its running or exercises. We work with cross training exercises such as tire flip, tire drag / pull, weight bags,wall balls, dumbbells etc. Designed for any fitness level. Everything is used in many various ways and can be modified. This allows the body to get  very effective results. Pushing your limits not only physically but mentally The Boot camp classes are based on - Body weight - Weight lifting - Cardio- Cross training - any Fitness level - Strength training- Agility - Endurance 


AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE....It Ain't Over Yet!



I have been lifting weights since I was 15 and it was a new world to me back then. I didn't know much but the basics. I had my favorite exercises and ones a didn't like at all. The first gym I started at was the YMCA but in time it was not enough or what I was looking for. I heard about a gym called The Pumphouse. It was where serious training was going on such as bodybuilding and power lifting. I wanted to improve my size and strength for sports. I got to know a lot of people while working out working at The Pumphouse. Jamie Lavoie and I became work out partners as we both had the same thing in mind, bigger and stronger. I was introduced to Marv Kelso. Marv had a life time of weight lifting experience even having Power lifting records. The three of us became great friends and work out partners. Marv saw the potential I had with lifting and how dedicated I was with training. Then in 2007 Marv introduced me to power lifting. In that time I met John Bergoin who also had a life time of experience and also placing records in power lifting. Marv was training for a meet and was able to go see what a power lifting meet was all about. I had experience with other type of meets through school and I found my self being comfortable with this atmosphere.At that time I knew I wanted to take it to the next level and compete my self. Marv and John became my two coaches, trainers and work out partners. I took a year to train specifically for power lifting. I learned the fundamentals of power lifting along as the rules. Learned about the gear and process of how everything worked.Within that year I was able to make the strength gains where I wanted to be so I could be at a competitive level.


From then on I could not have imagine what this would entail.

          FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE.......In 2008 I became a Member of the O.P.A ( Ontario Power lifting Association ) .

I signed up for my first meet that was in Bell River. It was a three lift and a Push and Pull (bench and dead lift) and John Bergoin was my coach as I competed in the Push and Pull. Right after my first passed lift,

I had the biggest adrenaline rush I have ever had and along with that the biggest smile I

could possibly have. I told John right there " I am hooked "

                                                       COMPETITIONS                                                 P.B. = Personal Best

2011 - Belle River Three Lift and Bench Press Championships

Bench Press Championship : 426 lbs .............ONTARIO RECORD

Three Lift - bench press : 426 lbs ....................ONTARIO RECORD

2008- Belle River 2nd bench : dead lift:


London Open (August) :            2nd      squat: 440.7 lbs         bench: 341.5 lbs        dead lift: 418.7 lbs P.B.

St. Thomas Open :                     3rd       squat: 451.7 lbs           bench: 341.5 lbs        dead lift: 407.7 lbs

Belle River Bench Press Championships :               1st              bench: 347.5 lbs P.B.

Quebec CPU Nationals Championships (Bench) :  1st              bench: 358.5 lbs P.B.



St. Thomas Open : 1st      squat: 435.2 lbs      bench: 358 lbs           dead lift: 418.7 lbs

London Open :       1st      squat: 418.9 lbs       bench: 363.8 lbs       dead lift: 418.9 lbs

St. Catherine's :      1st      squat: 451.9 lbs       bench: 363.8 lbs       dead lift: 429.9 lbs P.B.     total: 565 kg P.B.

(Niagara Open)


Belle River Open :  1st        squat: 463 lbs         bench: 426 lbs            dead lift: 440.9 lbs        total: 603 kg. P.B.

St. Catherine's :     2nd      squat: 459.9 lbs      bench: 368.3 lbs         dead lift: 429.9 lbs

(Niagara Open)







 trucker hat / fitted hat







Tel: 1 519 532 3424


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